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Evening  Sessions - Day


Earth Activists Defining the Bee Narrative
Earth Activists Defining the Bee Narrative

Giving Bee’s Their Voice

Session Description
21:00 - 22:45

Introduction by Terry Oxford: "I believe the way to propel our movement is to first define a well articulated bee-centric vocabulary.  For far too long the conventional beekeeping industry has invoked their monoculture-centric 'truth' and imposed their bee health story or narrative onto the trusting public.

Together let's create a new narrative that tells the world a clear and unbiased truth, that bees and pollinators need chemical free food and safe habitat, NOW.  That conventional beekeeping is not supportive of bee health and can't provide a way to save pollinators. By so articulating we also reveal the hidden facts of industrial agriculture, which is, systemic agricultural chemicals are not safe...not at any dose.  That humans and bees, cannot survive the 'food' we are all being served by Big Ag interests.

Our evening session should be an exciting one. I'm informal and hope you all are comfortable with a session that is interactive, is inviting of open conversation, draws outside of the lines and is largely fun and invigorating.  

My hope is our attendees will go home to fix their 3-5 miles, each creating a safe haven for all pollinators right where they are."

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