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Many feet travelled many miles to come this conference. They came with expectation and open hearts, in hope of meeting others of like mind and like heart, to share and learn together.


Due the enormous efforts of the organisers, for which great thanks and appreciation are due, those attending were not disappointed. There was indeed much meeting and much learning, from the bees and from each other. There was passion and persuasion, revelation and re-evaluation, bonding and mutual support, words and song, art and artefacts, laughter, smiles and tears, of joy, of sadness, of relief, and even of anger.


There was talking, listening, hugging and shared silence. In the silence and in the spaces between the talking, there was a communion of souls on a quest to become more connected, more in tune, more harmonious, with themselves, with each other, with bees and with nature.


Each day started with a communal harmony, gloriously led by an outstanding teacher, who wordlessly melded 300 souls into a unity, with simple humming and then simple, appropriate songs. 'Too embarrassing. I can’t sing', said one participant. Neither can I, but in this company it was beautiful to hum, and then sing, lost as a small part of a whole, in melodic participation, relaxed and happy, receptive and open. Thank you, Astrid.


Gareth John

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