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"Words cannot describe the feeling at this conference @learningfromthebees . There is a richness & a passion in the latest scientific information delivered from the top global bee researchers, interwoven with a deep spiritual understanding & love for the bees. After an incredible day, which is still not finished(!), I am filled to the brim with information, hope & the magic of the bees.

Sat listening to the last session entitled “Spirit of the hive”, Gareth John of the Natural Beekeeping Trust @bee_ings brought the room to quiet reverence & some tears with his words concerning the spirit of bee, their many mysterious ways & their intense connection to their inner ‘light’ world made manifest in hexagon wax comb. He spoke of our lack of connection with our own inner worlds but that, “the bee stands ready to take our hand. Accept the invitation & follow the message of the bee to join their dance for the healing of this world & for wo/mankind.” ~ an invitation I have tried to commit to throughout my experience with the bees so far.

As he finished, I felt tears rising in me as I turned to see a man 40 years my senior with tears rolling down his face. “50 years of study just made sense for me” he said. I managed to hold back my tears long enough to thank Gareth & make it out of the venue into the woods to let my tears flow amongst the trees ~ with grief for the way we have treated the bee, for our foolish lack of connection with our own inner worlds. And then after a while, the tears came with a smile, with hope & awe for the bees in my heart, & for this truly special weekend being surrounded by so many beautiful people from across the world who share a special reverence for the natural world & such a deep felt commitment as continuing students of the bee."  - Haley Anderson

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