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The Mystery of Honeybees

Compass point, Enigma, and Oracle. A Constellation

Session Description

We all come from different countries and paths of life to convene at the Learning from the Bees Conference and are holding the light of bees in our hearts. It is a rare opportunity to gather as such a group and to allow this light to merge and become an inspiration for the world.

Apian Constellation is an experiential and participatory voyage into the soul scape of honeybees. It is an opportunity to enter the apian field as a tissue-like gathering of human individuals while attending to deep listening and a sense of surrendering. It is an exercise of collective sensing and perceiving oneself as part of a larger ecology of selves. Constellation is an invitation to follow without thinking and to tap into the plasticity of apian life. It is a basic call to consciousness.

With ...
Late Night Talk

The conference chair in discussion with notable bee advocates

Session Description

The conference chair in discussion with notable bee advocates from around the world. This will be a relaxed session that will include:

  • The screening of "March of the Bees" and a discussion with the creators

  • Re-wilding projects in the Irish countryside

  • Insights from a grand tour of wild honey bee colonies and  beekeepers across  Europe

  • Anger to compassion - Learning from the Bees in Australia

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