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Serving the Honeybee
Monday 3rd - 4th April 2023

Tickets have now sold out, but please email if you want to join a waiting list if any tickets become free.

Learning from the Bees 2023 will be an intimate contemplative gathering of 150 people at Sheepdrove organic farm and conference centre, Hungerford, UK. For this third conference dedicated to learning from the bees we will converge in a spirit of reflection, celebration and inquiry  as we acknowledge the honeybee’s place in this world as a creature worthy of respect and protection.


We will bring together natural beekeepers, conservationists, scientists, philosophers and artists. Together we shall explore how we can best serve the honeybee whilst fully respecting its essentially wild nature. We shall also address how the honeybee can help us to deepen our own relations with the natural world and engage more fully with the spiritual imperatives of our time. 


We will showcase the practical work of outstanding individuals whose entire focus is on serving the honeybee in a spirit of selfless giving. There will also be workshops and classes aimed at widening our perspectives on mindful and artistic approaches to the bees in our lives.


Be inspired by the manifold gestures of giving back to the bees that you will learn about at this event and rejoice in meeting one another in a beautiful bee-centred space.

Who is coming

We are still developing the programme, but the provisional list of speakers includes:

Here are some of the attendees you will meet ...

If you have a ticket and want to join the Gallery please use this link (requires google account).


During the two conference days there will be an exciting mix of plenary addresses by notable bee advocates from around the world as well as a series of parallel sessions with expert explorations of specific themes. Time will be given to delegates to meet, dine and talk to each other during the conference. Monday evening includes a delicious conference dinner, bar and  informal speed-talks from other delegates. The programme is provisional and may change.

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