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What is your personal learning from this conference? 

"Science, art and spirituality, were all invited to the table. The conversation was so multifaceted that it seems to me that we have to take time and care to listen to the new thoughts that emerged from the fusion of disciplines."

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Looking back, I found myself reflecting more on the emotional insights from people who talked of their bonds with bees, than on the scientific lectures which covered ground I was largely familiar with. You could say I began thinking more about why I keep bees around me, than how - Paul Honigmann. Read full blog post here.

The ‘Learning from the Bees’ Art conference exhibition moves from from Doorn to Amsterdam. 
"Together we create a powerful tool to raise awareness for nature and it’s well-BEEing." Kyra Cramer

"Gradually, we realise that the colony is part of a much greater whole, a continuity that encompasses all. And, within that All, there is us, for we too are an integral part: of nature, of the cosmos, of All"

Gareth John's conference talk is here.

Many feet travelled many miles to come this conference. They came with expectation and open hearts, in hope of meeting others of like mind and like heart, to share and learn together. Due the enormous efforts of the organisers, for which great thanks and appreciation are due, those attending were not disappointed ...

Gareth John

"we can finally see what we're doing to the bees when we keep the bees" Prof Thomas D.  Seeley

Words cannot describe the feeling at this conference. There is a richness & a passion in the latest scientific information delivered from the top global bee researchers, interwoven with a deep spiritual understanding & love for the bees. - Haley A.

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"When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change."

Max Planck

 I´m filled with information and heart-warming experiences together with all those very special bee-people I was happy to meet - I took so much energy and encouragement into my heart and mind. Actually, I feel kind of uplifted and carried by this community. C. Blauert

Learning from the Bees’ sounds the voice of those who protest against the degradation of the honeybee to a mere honey making and pollinating machine, as well as those who propose participatory experiences that focus on restoration and remediation. Participating artists draw upon their relationship with these delphic pollinators to re-imagine our humanity. Curated for Learning from the Bees International Conference, in which scientists, honeybee conservation and environmental groups, artists, farmers and educators from over 30 countries have gathered to shift the public gaze from contemporary commercial apicultural practices towards a Culture of the Bee.

It’s been truly magical to connect with so many like-minded people who are so passionate about doing their bit to embody the wisdom of the bee and dream up ways of moving that story forward on our planet. Zoe Davidson

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I thought this was one of the most powerful things to come out of the learning from the bees conference for me, the notion that it’s not the bees that need help. Bees are being their best wherever they can in the world. We are the ones..." JJ

Bartek Maleta Interviews Prof Tom Seeley

A commercial beekeeper told us there are no wild bees in Spain since varroa arrived in 1994. So we thought, could we could rewild 29 of his hives into an ancient forest?


Jonathan Powell

Rewilding Parallel Session.

"The heart of Darwinian beekeeping, in so far as possible is to put bees back into their original environment."

Prof Thomas D. Seeley.

"I am still ‘buzzing’ from a fantastic weekend in The Netherlands with over 350 other enthusiastic and inspiring ‘bee people’ from all around the world."  Read Paula Carnell's blog post here.

‘this was a bee meeting of an entirely new order, we

let our hearts speak, we put the bees ‘centre-stage’ in all our deliberations, whether artistic, scientific or cultural.

The bees were with us.’ - Anon

"Words cannot describe the feeling at this conference @learningfromthebees. There is a richness & a passion in the latest scientific information delivered from the top global bee researchers, interwoven with a deep spiritual understanding & love for the bees. After an incredible day, which is still not finished(!), I am filled to the brim with information, hope & the magic of the bees. - Haley Anderson

"The conference has impacted my bee-ing in three significant and very personal ways"  Read Susan Chernak McElroy blog post here.

Astrid Schoots - and the sound of the hive.