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Last Stream: Saturday, November 16th, 2019 18:15 - 19:30 UTC  

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Would you like to listen to or chat with arboreal apiculture experts and enthusiasts from around the world? It's easy join our friendly live stream events where you will receive a warm welcome and introduction to bees and their natural home.

Salon #7. Special Guest Torben Schiffer

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Listen to Torben Schiffer; our guest for Salon #7. Torben works for Prof. Jürgen Tautz / Hobos Project (University Würzburg), his research focuses on the climatic conditions of tree cavities and beehives, and the effects on bee health. Additionally he is an expert on the symbiotic relationship between book scorpions and honeybees. He proved that book scorpions feed i.a. on varroa mites and beetle larvae (such as small hive beetle). Furthermore he is exploring the effects of beekeeping on the grooming behavior of bees.

Hosted by Jonathan Powell, Natural Beekeeping Trust, UK and Michael J. Thiele, Apis Arborea, USA. 

This is a free event, open to anybody seeking a deeper connection to Arboreal Apiculture.

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