Nil works to inspire people of diverse age groups and disciplines on the reciprocity between bees, humans and nature. She is the co-initiator, facilitator and collaborative artist in the participatory project "For the Love of Bee!". Realised through a series of workshops across Turkey, this project aims to pass on the wisdom of nature and the world of honeybees as a source of inspiration for the creative expressions of participants.

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The Beehive Metaphor - Socially Engaging Art (Day 1)

Cross-pollination of ideas “For the Love of Bee!” through a series of participatory art workshops, aspires to spread the knowledge on the reciprocity between bees, humans and nature. Although it aims for the younger generation, the project brings together diverse age groups and disciplines in several cities of Turkey, to exchange knowledge, explore and produce. The artworks produced collaboratively, resembling the works of a bee colony, draw the local community together, establish dialogues and practices in order to create sensibilities and ownership in their living environment.

Nil İlkbaşaran

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